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There are many reasons patients need to have a dentist in emergency. We find that any time, a dental emergency can strike. Our team at Custer Creek Dental Care Of McKinney will bend over backwards to accommodate any last-minute appointment requests to prevent a patient from continuing to struggle with oral pain. If you're having a toothache or a major dental emergency call us immediately.


Call Us If You Are Suffering From Dental Emergency Situation

Not every dental procedure could be categorized as an emergency treatment. To know when you have to call us for emergency dental care in McKinney TX, here’s a list of common dental emergencies:

  • Toothache – You have been brushing, rinsing and flossing and it still hurts
  • Knocked Out Tooth
  • Gum / Tongue / Cheek Injuries – Does not stop bleeding
  • Broken / Loose Braces-Immediately call your orthodontist / dentist
  • Chipped / Broken Teeth – If the chip is large or the tooth is cracked, or if the tooth is in pieces
  • Lost Filling
  • Lost crown
  • Loose Tooth

Care For Dental Emergencies

You Can Easily Avoid All Of The Above-Mentioned Situations Should You Choose To Maintain A Healthy Oral Routine.

Brushing two times a day, using mouthwash after every meal, and visiting the dentist every six months are some simple steps that can help you to avoid oral health problems. In this way, you will also stay fit, fine, and mentally contented. Listed below are some necessary steps that can help you to avoid every kind of adverse oral situations –

  • If your teeth remain healthy, you are less likely to suffer from dental emergencies. Thus, you should make sure to visit a dentist after a periodic time interval. Also, ask your doctor if there are any early signs of decay.
  • Never forget to wear a mouth guard while playing any kind of sports.
  • Don’t eat anything that is too hard.
  • Always maintain a healthy diet schedule.
  • Brush, as well as, floss.

Some Reasons of an Emergency Dental Visit

The American Dental Association reported that sports play the number one cause of adult tooth damage each year. This encompasses all forms of sports and generates the need for emergency visits around McKinney, TX & Nearby Areas. Even a basketball backyard game can cause someone to break a tooth or knock out a player's tooth. While there are ways of protecting yourself like wearing a mouthguard, there is still the possibility of a dental emergency.

Car accidents are another major cause of injury to the teeth. While the enamel on your teeth is strong, it might not be capable of preventing your tooth from breaking when the steering wheel collides with it. We recommend that patients in McKinney, TX be checked after being in a car accident at a nearby emergency room; simply to make sure they have not suffered any physical injuries.

Handling situations like these with expertise, swiftness, and care is what makes us one of the best dental practices for emergency dentistry. Rely on the dentist and get prompt treatment for any emergency dental care.

Immidiate Dental Care Near Me in McKinney TX

Imagine having a sudden toothache, bleeding gums, or broken dental braces. These could potentially halt the way you live your daily life and do harm to your overall health in some cases. Knowing where to look at and whom to approach in such a situation is the key to getting urgent dental care and mitigate any risk arising out of the dental emergency. Luckily, Custer Creek Dental Care is virtually synonymous to your search for “emergency dentist near me.”

We offer you a setting where you get the most prompt response pertaining to any dental emergency. Just walk in and our trained and professional staffs will take all the responsibilities on themselves so that all that you have to worry about is getting rid of your pain- which too, is a swift process!

With such prompt response, a perfectly comfortable setting, and three of the best emergency dentists, you’ll know why your search for “emergency dentistry near me” always has to lead to us once you pay us a visit!

Pain Management Amenities

Emotions can be high during an emergency dental visit. Whether you are in a great deal of pain from an infected tooth or your child has knocked out a tooth on the playground, it is understandable that you are scared and anxious. However, at Our Emergency Dentistry Office, we offer extra pain management strategies to help you feel at ease. From our options in sedation dentistry to our painless injection technology, any type of procedure can be performed without sacrificing your comfort.

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