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Play Safe with Athletic Mouth Guards
May 29, 2020  |  Mouth Guards

Play Safe with Athletic Mouth Guards

Over 5 million teeth are lost worldwide due to trauma and sports injuries. In most cases, these avulsions are caused due to neglect towards dental protection – the absence of proper mouth guards. Athletic mouth guards cover the gums and teeth to prevent injury to teeth, gums or lips while playing sports. Mouth guards are also effective in protecting the head against a strong blow to the jaw that can lead to a concussion.

Dental injuries are the most common and frequent type of injury from sports activities. Common incidents include injuries to teeth like cracks, chipping or loss of teeth; and concussion due to a blow to the base of the skull. Using a mouth guard can significantly prevent both types of injuries. Properly fabricated and well-fitting mouth guards have been proven to reduce the risk of injury to teeth and also prevent incidences of concussion.

Compared to adults, kids are at greater risk of sustaining oral injuries. Trauma from oral sports injuries can result in severe pain or even impairment due to concussion. This can negatively affect their future and career in sports. As such, it is recommended that kids should always wear good quality mouth guard when playing sports.

Why Should You Wear a Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards absorb and disperse some of the shock energy due to a collision, stopping the teeth from vibrating and hence, preventing severe injuries. Properly designed mouth guards in McKinney, TX can withstand high impact and ensure that you don’t knock out a tooth during a match.

  • Mouth guards prevent bruising as they act as a buffer between the teeth and the soft tissues of cheeks and lips.

  • Mouth guards prevent dislocation of teeth or fractures by acting as a cushion against direct blows and dispersing the impact force.

  • Mouth guards reduce the potential risk of brain injury by acting as shock absorbers between the jaws.

  • Mouth guards prevent the contact of opposing teeth

  • Being safeguarded by quality mouth guards, athletes are likely to feel more confident and play aggressively knowing they have proper protection.

The American Dental Association recommends athletic mouth guards for people involved in sports – adults and children alike. Research suggests that mouth guards prevent around 200,000 high school and college sports injuries. If your child or any other family member is an active athlete, protect their teeth and jaw with quality, well-fitting athletic mouth guards.

Proper protection is necessary for both contact and no-contact sports. If you are wondering whether your child needs one, you can check out the recommendations by ADA for different sports in this article.

How to clean and maintain your mouth guard?

Anything that goes into your mouth should be clean and hygienic. This implies for mouth guards too. The ADA has laid out certain criteria for maintenance and cleaning your mouth guard, to ensure hygiene, safety and durability of the mouth guard. The recommendations include:

  • The mouth guard should be cleaned before and after each use. You can either clean it with a mild soap or toothpaste using a toothbrush.

  • The mouth guard should be cleaned in cool soapy water and rinsed thoroughly.

  • When transporting it, place the mouth guard in a ventilated container. The air circulation prevents damage to the mouth guard. If you use an acrylic mouth guard, store it in freshwater.

  • Always protect the mouth guard from high temperatures such as hot surfaces, hot water etc to minimize distortion.

  • Regularly check the mouth guard for signs of wear. If the guard has holes or becomes ill-fitting, replace it immediately.

  • Carry your mouth guard along when you have dental appointments.

Proper care of your mouth guard will ensure there is no bacterial formation and keep its integrity intact. If you are thinking of getting a mouth guard in McKinney, TX; our experts at Custer Creek Dental Care can help you get the perfect fit for your needs.