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What you need to know about oral sedation
August 20, 2021  |  Sedation Dentistry

What you need to know about oral sedation

Are you one of the many people who break out in a cold sweat just thinking about going to the dentist? Whether it's a routine cleaning or a significant tooth extraction, you're a nervous wreck the entire time. Many people feel this way, and sadly, many of them will miss a vital visit out of dread. You don't have to avoid the dentist or live in terror of undergoing surgery. Oral sedation may be just what you need to get through your next appointment.

Oral sedation

Oral sedation is the most popular and well-accepted method of sedation since it is the most convenient. It is frequently used to treat mild to moderate anxiety and, in some situations, to help the patient sleep well the night before an appointment. The goal is to create a lightly sedated, comfortable, more cooperative patient who is simpler to handle, rather than to provide moderate sedation or pain control. 

The Benefits of Oral Sedation

  • Simple to administer - Your dentist will give you a tablet to keep you quiet during the treatment. Oral sedation is the simplest of the three because all you have to do is take the pill an hour or so before your appointment and you'll be relaxed by the time you arrive.

  • No needles - Many patients who are afraid of the dentist also fear needles, which are used during IV sedation. However, with oral sedation, the patient can take the medication orally before the visit without fear of getting poked by the dentist.

  • Amnesia - Because of the high dose of benzodiazepines, individuals have little to no remembrance of the surgery. This is ideal for people who are afraid of going to the dentist because they will have no remembrance of what happened while they were sedated.

  • Responsive - Even if you feel tired from pill sedation, you will remain aware and responsive. Because you'll be awake during the treatment, you'll be able to hear and respond to your dentist's instructions.

The Drawbacks of Oral Sedation

  • Not immediately effective - You will feel the effects of IV and nitrous oxide sedation quite shortly after receiving them. The effects of pill sedation do not take effect as quickly, which is why your dentist would advise you to take the sedative an hour or two before the procedure.

  • Sedation level is difficult to change - Because oral sedation takes time to become effective, increasing the dosage takes time as well. Because everyone metabolizes medications differently, it's difficult to predict how long it will take for the sedative to take effect.

  • Can't drive to appointments - Oral sedation calms patients, but it also takes their minds off things. Bring someone with you to your appointment so that you can securely get there and back.

Fear of the dentist is fairly common and can be difficult to overcome. Sedation dentistry assists scared individuals in relaxing during cleanings and dental operations so that their oral health is not jeopardized.

We hope this blog has helped you understand the benefits and drawbacks of oral sedation. Oral sedation is a safe technique to alleviate anxiety and dread associated with dental visits. It may not work for everyone, but it does help the vast majority of patients. Don't put off going to the dentist because you're afraid. Instead, visit the best dentist service in McKinney, TX, Custer Creek Dental, so we can help you find solutions to keep your teeth and the rest of you healthy without making you feel uncomfortable or fearful. Give us a call right now!