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Dental Insurance benefits – Use it or Lose it
October 08, 2020  |  Oral Care

Dental Insurance benefits – Use it or Lose it

Here at Custer Creek Dental Care, we often come across questions related to dental insurance. We are going to address such queries in this blog. Therefore, in case you have similar confusions and hesitations, do give the information provided in the sections below. This will also help you to be aware of why dental insurances are considered to be a must if you want to maintain your oral health.

Though it might be shocking for some to know that the cost of undergoing various dental treatments is quite a lot. Reports say that more than 40% of the people who avoid visiting dental clinics and keep their dental issues at bay do so as they don’t have dental insurances. But, is it wise to take such a step? The answer to this question is no. Dental health does affect the overall health of a human being and also be the reason for critical medical situations in the long run. So saving a few hundreds of dollars can in turn make you pay a lot more. We recommend you to avail dental insurance and stay tension free about maintaining your oral health. This will even motivate you to go for regular dental check-ups.

Why should you not miss out on availing dental insurance benefits?

Many people neglect booking appointments at a professional dental clinic even after having dental insurances. If you belong to such a group then giving the pointers below a thorough read will give you a clear idea about why it is not a good thing to do.

  • The first thing you should know is dental insurances cover a major portion of the money spent for your dental work within a year. Now, if the benefits remain unavailed at the end of the year it will not be rolled over to the next year. Therefore, the money paid by you to the insurance company will go in vain.

  • It is usually necessary for you to pay the dentist first out of your pocket before the dental insurance company reimburses the amount back. This money will also get deducted if you do not avail the services offered.

  • If you are paying the premiums to the dental insurance company on a monthly basis, what good is it if you do not enjoy the benefits? It is more like throwing your hard earned money away. Therefore, do not wait for big problems to occur in order to visit a dental clinic. You can go for regular check-ups, cleaning sessions etc. Most of the dental insurances nowadays cover 100% of the expenditure of such treatments. The sole reason behind this being these companies realize that preventive care of teeth can help you avoid any forthcoming serious dental issues.

  • One more reason for which you should avail the benefits of dental insurance in a year is because of the rise of fees. Yes you read it correct. The fees of dental treatment can easily undergo a sudden rise which might make it difficult for you to seek professional assistance.

  • Lastly, as mentioned before, neglecting minor dental issues can make you face serious repercussions in the years to come. So why wait for the worst to happen when all it takes to avoid such circumstances is adopting few dometic preventive measures and visiting the dentist regularly.

You might have now gained an idea about why the title of this blog says “Dental insurance benefits - Use it or Lose it”. Do not be lazy to book an appointment at a dental clinic anymore.

Why to go for Custer Creek Dental Care?

Custer Creek Dental Care in McKinney, Texas does realize that investing a lot of money for health related treatment might be an impossible hurdle to surpass for many. This is why we take initiative to work with your insurance provider to ensure that you are provided with the maximum coverage. Financial options available at Custer Creek Dental Care is one of the many reasons behind us having a satisfied patient base. It is our pride to let you know that we are also the Preferred Provider (PPO) for numerous well known dental insurance companies such as Zelis, The Guardian, TDA etc.

Ergo, if you are seeking top-quality dental services in or around McKinney, Texas, contact Custer Creek Dental Care. We are here to serve you with the best treatment possible at an affordable price. Thank you.