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6 Warning Signs That You Should Never Ignore
March 29, 2021  |  Oral Care

6 Warning Signs That You Should Never Ignore

In our day-to-day routine and our long list of responsibilities taking care of our dental health usually comes last. We tend to forget that our oral health is intertwined with our overall health. Most of the deadly diseases first show their symptoms in our mouths. This is why regular dental checkups along with proper brushing and flossing are extremely important. Let us go through a couple of warning signs that we should never miss and rush to the nearest dental clinics immediately if we experience them. 

Teeth Sensitivity

Do you feel a painful jab in your mouth when you drink something cold? Do you have to wait for your cold beverages to warm up a bit before drinking them? This is known as sensitivity. Some people also suffer from sensitivity while eating or drinking something hot. This is a very common dental issue and almost everyone suffers from it. However, it could be a symptom of an underlying oral infection. Dentin Sensitivity has been known to be the early sign of gingivitis which could ultimately degenerate into advanced periodontitis. Hence, hiding that sensitivity with a numbing gel could do more harm than good. There are several ways to treat this issue such as descaling and medicated toothpaste. Visit the dentist and choose the treatment plan which best suits you.

Mysterious Pain

Pain is a signal given by your body when things are about to go haywire. An unexplained toothache could be the sign of a decayed tooth, that could lead to a root canal, if not treated in time. Some people suffer from a condition called Sleep Bruxism wherein they grind their teeth at night. They might not be aware of doing so and suffer from extreme jaw pain the next day. Severe infections deep inside your dental cavities could also be the reason for those unexplained headaches and ear pains. Do not ignore these signs and rush to the emergency dentist if your pain is intolerable. 

Inflamed or Bleeding Gums

Your gum should be light pink and must not bleed that easily. However, if you notice that the color is red and your gums are inflamed then something is wrong with them. Swollen gums are a sign of periodontal disease and if not treated on time could lead to loss of teeth. If you notice specks of blood while brushing then you must immediately rush to a dental clinic near you. Bleeding gum is a sign of gingivitis and needs to be treated to prevent further complications.

Chronic Bad Breath

Halitosis or bad breath is common when you haven’t brushed or you have eaten an extremely heavy and spicy meal. You can usually get rid of it after brushing your teeth or rinsing your mouth with a mouthwash. However, if your bad breath is persistent and incurable then it is time to visit the dentist. Bad breath could be an early sign of gum disease, excessive plaque build-up, or infection. This is the reason why dentists recommend going for checkups regularly and availing of their professional teeth cleaning services from time to time. 

Teeth Discoloration

Your pearly whites tend to get stained when you consume food items like coffee, tea, or red wine. In such cases, you can get a teeth whitening service done. But if one tooth is turning dark in color then you must rush to the emergency dentist. It could be caused due to tooth decay or a dead nerve. Either way, timely treatment can save your tooth and keep your confident smile intact. 

Mouth Ulcers

Mouth sores can be caused due to congestion of excessively hot or spicy food or if you bite the inside of your cheeks by mistake. But if these ulcers appear out of thin air then it is a cause of worry. These sensitive spots could be an early symptom of oral cancer. And if they take forever to heal then you could be unknowingly suffering from diabetes. Inform your dentist if you are suffering from this condition and get it treated immediately. 

If you live in McKinney, TX, and are suffering from either of these conditions then consult us without any delay and choose the treatment plan that best suits your needs.